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Dra. Carmen Román Posts

Your Creative Expressions can Heal you

Can creative expression help overcome problems? The answer is yes!, pouring all your feelings and thoughts in a creative activity can help you drain them from your body and mind, giving you the opportunity to analyze them from an external point of view to have a better understanding of what you feel. In this episode Dr. Carmen shares with us an amazing interview with from Tori Press, a well-known Instagram artist who shares illustrations about the importance of going to therapy, mental health awareness, and her own experience in a path of self-discovery and self love. Join us today and learn…

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Expresión Creativa que Sana

¿Puede la expresión creativa ayudarte a superar problemas? La respuesta es sí, expresar tus sentimientos y pensamientos de una manera creativa puede ayudarte a drenarlos de tu cuerpo y mente, abriendo la oportunidad de analizarlos desde un punto externo y a entender mejor lo que sientes.    En este episodio la Dra. Carmen nos comparte lo que aprendió de Tori Press, una artista muy conocida en Instagram la cual comparte ilustraciones acerca de la importancia de ir a terapia, la salud mental, y su propia experiencia en un camino de auto-descubrimiento y amor propio.   Acompañanos el día de hoy…

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How I Manifested the Relationship of My Dreams

Choosing a partner has always been difficult for most people, but why? To choose a good, compatible partner it’s necessary first to know yourself, your likes and dislikes. Are you willing to deal with someone who smokes? Or someone who drinks? The process of finding someone to spend the rest of your life with can be difficult and full of insecurities, but if you keep a positive attitude it can actually be very fun and easy. Join us today on this beautiful episode, where Dr. Carmen shares with us how she manifested the relationship with her husband, the steps she…

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Escoge a tu Pareja con Consciencia

Escoger pareja siempre ha sido difícil para la mayoría de las personas, pero ¿Por qué? Para escoger una buena pareja es necesario primero conocerte a ti mismo, saber qué quieres y que no, debes saber qué buscas en realidad. Tus pensamientos para iniciar este proceso, tienen que ser positivos, sin esto, no funcionará en lo absoluto. Todo esto te puede generar algo de inseguridad o temor, a veces incluso desconfianza, pero puedes contar con tus seres queridos y amistades, pídeles apoyo y ayuda para tomar decisiones razonables. Por eso el día de hoy la Dra. Carmen nos habla en un…

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Forgiving with Inner Wisdom

Have you ever found it difficult to forgive someone, or even yourself? Or, Have you forgiven without feeling that you were ready? Forgiveness is a process we’ve all have gone through in life, it can take days, months or years. This process of forgiving someone or forgiving yourself cannot be accelerated or forced, since it is an intimate process that the person must carry out alone, each person will know with time if they are prepared or not. There are times when it’s possible to forgive even without being offered an apology, however, forgiving is not a synonymous for continuing…

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